Vulkollan® products

D70 Wheel

Calculated load-bearing capacity 200kg

D200 Wheel

Calculated load-bearing capacity 1,700kg

D350 Wheel

Calculated load-bearing capacity 2,800kg


is a registered trademark of Covestro Deutschland AG. Vulkollan® is among the oldest, best-known and highest-quality polyurethane elastomers. In Finland, we are the only manufacturer of Vulkollan® products.

Key properties of Vulkollan® elastomer are:

• Excellent mechanical wear resistance
• High elasticity, even among the hard varieties
• Good tear strength
• Low residual compression
• Good resistance to mineral oils, greases, fuel oils, and many solvents
• Good ozone, UV, and radiation resistance

Owing to its excellent properties, Vulkollan® is a popular choice for many industrial applications. Typical fields of use include:

• Wheels, swivel wheels and rollers
• Dampers, shock absorbers, vibration attenuators
• Wear and noise reduction coatings
• Transmission connectors
• Seals
• Wipers in various applications