Some polyurethane varieties make for an excellent coating of heavy-duty rollers, since their properties include:

  • Low internal friction (low hysteresis) for reduced heating of the coating and enhanced load-bearing capacity
  • Low compressibility enables improved dimensional accuracy
  • High wear resistance extends replacement intervals
  • High split tear resistance prolongs the service life of damaged and cut coatings (tears do not progress easily)
  • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces ensures that the coating remains in place even under harsh operating conditions
  • Higher load-bearing capacity as compared to other elastic coating options allows smaller wheel sizes

Overall, polyurethane has superior dynamic properties as compared to rubber, for example. If the load-bearing capacity or wear resistance of rubber is not sufficient, use of polyurethane should be considered. We have a modern casting machine for roller coating. Using this equipment, we can apply coating directly on the surface of a roller rotating in a lathe. Various hardnesses between 60-95 Shore A are easily available by changing the formula.
We can also supply steel parts – this way, you can get a full roller assembly with a single purchase.